Columbia Dog Parks

Dogs in Columbia are lucky to have three fenced dog parks and two other leash-free areas approved by the City Council. Nevertheless, pet owners are given the responsibility to clean their dog’s litter from any dog parks it is still remarkable to bring them out once in a while especially after grooming your dog. Except for approved leash-free dog parks, dogs aren’t permitted to let dogs run wild in the city.

Lakeside Dog Park

This dog park is best during the fall season. It is fenced on three sides, with a lake that serves as the west boundary. The sixteen-acre lake is great for dogs to run and play all day. Generally, this park is closed during winter and is open only from 15th of April to 15th of October. It is recommended to use other dog parks during the winter season.

Columbia Dog Parks

Off-Season Dog Park

During the winter when almost all dog parks are closed, the off-season is open for all dog sizes. This dog park is designed to safeguard the dogs from falling into the frozen lake. The off-season dog park was established due to the fire departments request after having been dispatched to rescue dogs that ventured and fell into the lake ice during winter. Though the restrooms are winterized and closed on October 15 to April 15, the Parks and Recreation Department provides a port-a-pot for the winter park users.

Paws Pond Dog Park

A distinguishing attribute of this dog park is that only small dogs can enter. Dogs should be no taller than eighteen inches at the shoulder. The area also has a pond but considerably small, just right for small dogs. This dog park is also closed during winter, from December to February. Off-season Dog Park will be recommended during the winter season.

Garth Nature Area

Dog owners will enjoy taking their dogs on leash for walks in the Garth Nature Area. The three-acre land area is fenced all around. It has a nice pond and picnic tables where families can gather to get cozy. A parking space is available and a port-a-pot is placed.

Indian Hills Park

On the west side of Indian Hills Park lays a 1.5-acre dog park. This dog park is open during April 25 to October 15. There are rest rooms, and a parking lot nearby. The dog park was part of the renovations done on the year 2011 funded by the 2005 Park Sales Tax Ballots.

Grindstone Nature Area

This area runs 200 acres for dogs to roam around. This beautiful nature area has woods, bluffs, and open fields perfect for unleashed dogs to play. However, dog owners must be responsible for watching over their dogs away from the Hinkson Creek Trail that is located within the property. It also has a parking lot and a port-a-pot on site.

Cosmo Park-Bear Creek Nature Area

This dog park is located in the north end of Cosmo Park. This dog park is about 70 acres in size with which dogs are permitted to roam around unleashed. However, owners must keep an eye on their pets not to go near the Bear Creek Trail and Rhett’s Run Mountain Bike Trail.

There is a variety of dog park options to choose from. Select the park which you find most suitable for your dog. Let your dog’s life be active. Keep them exercised and pamper them with vanities from time to time. Although, going to dog parks won’t cost you much. Feed them the right food, groom dogs regularly and take them for walks. Give them your attention. Show them how much you care. Be kind to them. They are loyal domestic animals. They would be more than happy to be a friend to you.

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