The Benefits and Downside of Dog Parks

Dog parks are becoming popular these days. They differ in land area and designs but in general, one purpose remains that is to provide dogs a place where they can freely run off-leash. Although dog parks are not built for everyone, it can benefit pets and their owners.


We may not have noticed but dogs can develop certain behaviors that are not considered normal. These behavioral problems are caused by a lack of physical and mental activity. Dogs’ features are created and designed to lead dynamic lives. In the past, they have lived among people to help them hunt, herd and protect live stocks. On the contrary to what most dogs do in our homes do today, they have been sitting and lying on the couch all day waiting for the next meal. They are full of energy but not knowing how to expend it, so they resolve to activities like un-stuffing couches, gnawing on shoes, and raiding trash cans.

The Benefits and Downside of Dog Parks

To keep them healthy, feed it with foods containing the right nutrition, give daily grooming for dogs, and letting them engage on activities like running. Exercise keeps the blood to flow, nourishing every vital organ. Activities that involve the use of their brain is also helpful and allowing them to socialize with their own kind is a good routine which is achieved by visiting the dog parks more often. These are the benefits of visiting dog parks.

Enhancing Dog’s Physical and Mental Health

Allow your dog to relax and have fun after a good dog grooming at home. Unleash the dogs. Let them explore the dog park, enhancing their sense of smell, fetch toys, to investigate on the surroundings freely, and to socialize with other people and dogs. These activities help dogs improve their physical and mental abilities. After a long stride to the park, your dog will surely have a nice nap for hours.

Maintaining Social Skills

Just like humans, dogs also need to socialize. They also enjoy socializing as much as people do. Dogs love to spend time with their fellow dogs wherein they could run around and play. At the dog park, dogs may meet unfamiliar dogs and a variety of dogs with different breeds but this experience helps them recognize a variety of other dog’s body languages and helps them guard against the development of fear and aggression problems around other dogs.

Pet Owners Get to Enjoy

There are roles that pet owners also play in their pets’ lives not just as pet groomers, or a parent who’s responsible for feeding their young but also a play buddy. The entertainment they get from playing their pets alongside fellow pet lovers and their pets develops an unbreakable bond of friendship. You can find your fellow pet lovers in a dog park.

Educational Advantage

The dog park is a place where pet lovers could gather together and discuss how dogs can be well taken care of. This is also a good opportunity for owners to understand their dog better through keen observation.


There are many benefits on visiting the dog park but it also has its downsides. It’s important to be aware of these downsides before getting hooked to visiting your dog parks.

Health Risks

There are health risks for dogs when they interact with other dogs. Vaccinated ones may possess less risk but potential health risk is not eliminated. Talk to your veterinarian for recommended vaccines against opportunistic pathogens that could put your dog’s health at risk. Fleas are also a threat to health on your dogs, and they are found in every corner of the dog park including animals that are flea-infested like squirrels, rabbits, and raccoons. Dogs are also prone to injuries during their plays or fights with other dogs.

Emotional Stress

Dogs that are overly shy tend to get stressed on the changes of the environment they are in. When these kinds of dogs are brought to the park; they may experience stress due to an overwhelming situation. If your dog has experienced being bullied by other dogs, they may start a fight with other dogs or may decide not to like other dogs.

Owners’ Disadvantage

People may have different opinions regarding their dogs may it be proper dog cleaning, feeding or the way you train them. With different views, some people may have strong opinions regarding how your dog behaves and may result to conflict between pet owners. People might argue about how to react when difficulties between dogs arise. Since there are no authority figures, quarrels could get bigger.

Some people believe that the benefits outweigh the risks. Though, you need to consider the benefits and disadvantages carefully before coming up with a decision. It is up to you to decide; only you know best for your dog.

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