The Perfect Park for Your Dog

There are different types of dog parks and different options to choose from makes you wonder what the perfect dog park is best for your dog. Some have open areas; some are located near beaches; some were built with set rules. Each with different concepts and each of them look enchanting as the other. Basically, a good dog park must have ideal features.

Enough space

A park can easily get crowded. It is important that the land area can accommodate people and pets. The area should spacious enough for dogs to run freely and explore more about its surroundings. Crowded areas tend to cause commotion and fights between dogs. So, keep this in mind

Secure Enclosed Area

Safety is a priority when it comes to choosing a home. Likewise, dog parks should be a place where you can be safe and secure. Even if your dog runs back at you when called, it is important that the area has sturdy fences that keep the dogs away from vehicles outside the area. Check the area for holes on fences or better check the area if it has double gates, or an interior with holding pen at the entrance, so people can go in and out without letting other dogs run free from the vicinity.

Sanitary Stations

The vicinity should provide trash cans and bags for pet owners to clean up after their dogs. Dog wash, soap, and towels should be available in case the dog or owner needs immediate clean up.

Water and Shelter

Water and shelter are basic needs. These should be available to everybody whether dogs or pet owners. Since exercising dogs will make them lose fluids from perspiration, drinking water should be available for both people and dogs.

Visible Personnel on guard

It is wise to choose Dog Park with visible personnel who monitor the dog park. The dog park can be packed with people and dogs. There is no way to tell if this crowd can be handled among themselves if conflicts arise. Think about a scenario when a hurdle of dogs fights with each other and their owners are too stubborn to back out, finding fault at another party. It would be better if there is a rightful authority figure who can keep the peace and calmness of the vicinity.

Observe the park features. Visit the place personally before bringing your dog. Compare them with the standards you have in mind. Read the rules and make sure that you agree with the rules being set. Check the cost and ask if it’s necessary to bring anything before registering.

The Perfect Park for Your Dog

Go to the park at different times and seasons. Note which time of the day it is crowded so that you can take your dogs at times when not peak seasons. Also observe the people and their pets who often visit the park. Identify the kind of people you will mingle with. Check if there are people who supervises the area, or crews that you can approach when you need something.

Before going to the area with your dog, list a few things you need while you are there. Put the essential supplies needed enough for the entire length of stay. Bring with you the dog’s leash, water, bags for clean up, and treats. Wear comfortable clothes.

Since you have decided to go out on that day for a visit to a dog park, might as well schedule a visit to a veterinarian or local dog groomers. Affordable pet grooming services may be available in the area and this is a good opportunity to give them a full package treat after hours of running and playing in the dog park.

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